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In the blue print of the Manor are a forest, a group of lakes, a web of rivers as well as green waters and blue mountains. 6 towns (Black forest town,education and research town, forest tourism town, sports sojourn town, health and elderly care town, and maker sojourn town) with 2 areas as the core will be built. 



 ( I ) The resort area


     With cultural tourism as the main line and with “combination of medicine and care and combination of education and research” as two wings, 3 feature towns are constructed according to the planning of "manor + park + campus".


1. 黑森林小镇

1. Black Forest  Town :


Under the vision of “Hot Spring Three Cares”, theme parks, 9 branded hotels and 3 cultural tourism experiences were opened for business in 2014, and “1000-village” market in North Guangdong and Cantonese cuisine chef workshop are still under construction.



       (1) Theme park


     Black Forest Theme Park, consists of 8 zones for culture & art, intangible heritage exhibition, indoor recreation, sightseeing on cable car, snow world, shopping market, night tour and water park. In the summer and autumn seasons every year, campaigns such as “water splashing and camp fire carnival with refreshing ice, snow and beer in the summer” and “farmer’s carnival upon bumper harvest”; and in the winter season, celebration activities such as “international hot spring and snow carnival” and “China-Germany Culture Carnival” are held.



 (2) 9 branded hotels


The Manor has Four Points by Sheraton Resort and Spa managed by an international brand, Argyle Ausotel Bodhi Hotel, Tulou Kid Hotel and Log Hotel, with nearly 2,000 rooms, international ballroom, Munich music restaurant & bar and Hakka restaurant. It is a preferred hotel for business meetings, meditation and health care, recuperation and rest of model workers as well as other cultural tourism activities. 



 (3) 3 Cultural Tourism Centers



① Chinese Herbal Hot Spring

It is a place offering hot spring with traditional Chinese medicine. Designed in line with the Five Elements Theory (metal, wood, water, fire, and earth), it aims to provide health care using traditional Chinese medicine in hot spring.



② Fuyuan Temple

The world’s first temple in the architectural style of Hakka enclosed house, with the world’s first outdoor copper-cast imitation gold Bodhi sacred tree. Sakyamuni was enlightened to become the Buddha when sitting upright under the Bodhi tree. A themed dharma assembly is held on the 1st day and the 15th day of every lunar month at Fuyuan Temple. Many large Buddhist culture activities are held here throughout the year.



③ Hakka Show Theater

Hakka Show Theater is the world’s first 360° revolving theater. The drama “Jiayuan” is a panoramic Hakka theater show, where the audience seat revolves 360° as the story evolves. The unique Hakka legend is presented in a 360° manner and approved by the general audience. 



2. Heidelberg  Town :


Under the vision of “Teaching, Inquiry Learning, and Study Tour”, efforts have been made to create a special town based on “good education for the young and excellent teaching for students”. The Affiliated Middle School (Heyuan) Bavaria Experimental School is co-founded by the Manor and the Affiliated Middle School of Guangzhou University. The Experimental School has a construction scale of about 150,000 m2. With preschool education + 12-year one-system education as the starting point, the Experimental School is a base for international research and study tour and outdoor practice activities, with Chinese courtyard style, Cambridge Academy style and German Dual System Education as the features. The Affiliated Middle School of Guangzhou University has been praised by General Secretary  and obtained the inscription of “Holding up the Sun of Tomorrow”.



3. Qizhai forest town : 


It will built into a special town for green and leisure tourism according to plan, with forest area, park area and institution area as the main body.



(II) The Sojourn Area


Follows the idea of "moving forward a better life", it is constructed according to the planning of integrating mountains, rivers and fields with the sojourn. Using the log building, Chinese courtyard, sojourn apartment, traveler center and medical care facility as the carrier, 3 sojourn towns are built for integration of industry and city, ideal for living, working and traveling in.



1. Rhine Valley Town :


7 professional woodball fields up to international standards, 22-km greenway for cycling and 15-km path for hiking have been built, together with places and facilities for international events and daily sports activities. With"Sport Park and Sojourn Community" as the main body, the Rhine Valley Town under construction will be built to cover sport intelligent complex, beach woodball club, equestrian club, ice athletics club, aviation club, football camp and others projects.


2. 多瑙河小镇

2. Danube  Town :


①An“international rehabilitation hospital” will be built according to plan


In order to meet the needs for providing good doctors for patients and good care for the elderly, the Mano takes "International Rehabilitation Hospital + Elderly Care Home + Health Management University" as the carrier in its sojourn town construction plan. The Sojourn Town has innovated the "government + prestigious schools + enterprises" cooperation model. The “International Rehabilitation Hospital" for integration of industry and education will be built by the Heyuan Municipal Government, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine and Bavaria Manor.


②6 health management centers have been built (and opened since 2014)


Recuperation building: provides intelligent, human and personalize services and experiences to the model workers at rest and the elderly people of good energy.


BGI House: BGI’s national gene bank and world’s leading scientific research achievements on personal genome, tumor and reproductive health protect people’s life and health. 


Medical and caring centers for health and recuperation management, Chinese and western clinic, remote medical service and natural health care: provide services to those who are covered under the non-local medical insurance program of Shenzhen City and the medical insurance program of Heyuan City, thus realizing a medical and caring system connecting to the medical treatment, medical insurance and pharmaceutical systems and improving the basic medical treatment services in the Manor.


3. 创客小镇

3.  Maker  Town :


Under the concept of serving “product, business, traveler” with the support of new finance, new e-commerce and new technology, a maker town is built for international cultural and economic exchanges under the friendly relations between Guangdong, China and Bavaria, Germany.
From the trial operation in November 2014 to 2018, the Manor attracted 4.5 million tourists accumulatively, with the paid tax of RMB 435 million. Besides, it has created more than 4,500 jobs directly and indirectly. Also, it exerted a magnifying effect of 1:7 on peripheral economy, drawing a new blueprint for the Manor's happiness industry.


 Welcome to Bavaria Manor, a China National Tourist Resort!